The Andy Warhol Self Portraits were as controversial as the artist

Most Andy Warhol Self Portraits will have him staring expressionless into the viewers eyes revealing little more than his looks. He was not bashful about using bright colors in his Pop Art and not always wearing the wigs. He certainly was not known for expressing his feelings in the traditional self-portrait sense.(Continued below)
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When comparing his self-portraits to his commissioned portraits from clients it is easy to draw a distinction. He was successful making portraits of clients look flattering, even revealing. The story of his first commissioned portrait is an example of his style. He was to create a portrait for the wife of a wealthy New York businessman. Andy took her to an arcade photo booth and used an entire roll of quarters getting those tiny black and white photos of her expressing a wide range of emotions for the camera. Both considered the shoot a success and the woman was humbled that Warhol coaxed her to reveal herself with very sincere gestures and expressions. He went on to use several of the photos in silk-screened portraits of her. She loved the finished artwork.

Pop Art Self Portraits
From the very start Andy was good at flattering, expressive portraits of others. Why is a typical Andy Warhol Self Portrait so expressionless and unflattering? My opinion is that he enjoyed shocking the viewer and he did shock them as the following story demonstrates.

He Loved Publicity
His earliest self-portraits were done well before college. At that time his intention was to show himself the way he thought other people saw him. He considered the results horrible. At the college level his best-known self-portrait had his finger way up his nose. When he entered it into a 1948 art show he used the title The Broad Gave Me My Face but I Can Pick My Own Nose. The title and painting shocked the judges, caused controversy, and it was rejected for being coarse and ugly. He renamed it Why Pick On Me and, even though rejected, it earned admiration from fellow students. More importantly, Andy Warhol saw first hand how shocking an audience could produce valuable publicity.

The Last Self Portraits
His last self-portraits show just his face with a wig’s hair standing on end. They are on a black background and they look down right spooky to me. He must have known he was going to die soon after because I’ve heard them compared to a death mask. He said, “I paint pictures of myself to remind myself that I’m still around.”

Youthful Andy Warhol
My favorite Andy Warhol Self Portraits are from the 1960s where his face still had the youthful look and showed him in jeans and leather jacket, sometimes wearing sunglasses. He looks cool and in control of a life that had brought him lots of fame and money he so badly wanted.

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