The Popularity of Andy Warhol Posters

Today Andy Warhol posters remain as some of the most poplar pieces of art that you can buy for your home. From college students expressing their individuality and appreciation for his art to adults displaying some of his great pieces, and reliving some of the memories from their youth, Andy Warhol art can be found anywhere. In fact, many offices also showcase Andy Warhol posters to help set the right vibes in the workplace. Whatever you're looking for specifically, you'll be able to find something that's perfect for your style.

If Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, then Andy Warhol is the Prince of Pop Art. He created a whole new genre of artistic expression, and he was able to showcase ideas and perspectives that people hadn't really thought about or put into view before. He has a plethora of famous paintings and pieces, many of which would be recognized instantly no matter where you are around the globe.

Andy Warhol posters also showcase his unique ability to make things that weren't thought of as art into art. The most famous artwork example is the Campbell's soup can. It's just a common household item that everybody has seen and used, but that's what's so great about Andy Warhol art. You can toss your preexisting notions about what can and cannot, or should and should not be out the window and instead just appreciate what's there in front of you.

Probably the most famous Andy Warhol art of all though remains his silkscreen series. In these he replicated multiple images of the same object, character or person. The different images had different colors and tones, all showcasing a different vibe or viewpoint. Together they combine into a very intriguing piece of art. The most famous of these is of course Marilyn Monroe, however there were many different subjects used as well.

He also had many pieces of art where he replicated in almost a motion style several images of the same person or object. Once again he highlighted the different copies in different colors to make them stand out. Some of those Andy Warhol posters include Elvis, guns, and various other animals and objects such as a banana. The bright, almost neon color highlighting in his art, the usage of seemingly random and commonplace objects and their repetition throughout a piece are all hallmarks of Andy Warhol art.

There are also many Andy Warhol posters available featuring some of his famous quotes. Warhol was of course much more than just a painter, he was to a large extent a social and cultural icon. Some of his quotes are very famous, and they all convey his unique approach to humanity and everything around us. Generally these self portraits contain a photograph of Andy in the background, with a quote of his on top.

If you're interested in Andy Warhol art then you certainly won't be lacking for options. There are literally hundreds of different paintings and other pieces of artwork that you can get from Warhol. Decades after his death, Andy Warhol posters continue to carry on the powerful legacy of this fascinating artist, person and icon.

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