Artists of Famous Spanish Paintings

The famous Spanish paintings of dancers by Dali, Goya, El Greco, Joan Miro, and other Spanish painters are available as art posters and prints in this online art gallery. The three artists featured here are Spanish painters Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro. El Greco painted in Spain but he was from Greece.

This just a sample of the many Picasso famous paintings. More can be seen at the Collections by clicking on any of the images.

Famous Spanish Paintings
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The Persistence of Memory, c.1931
Salvador Dali
20x16 Fine Art Print
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Obra de Joan Miro
Joan Miro
32x24 Fine Art Print
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Ballerina II, c.1925
Joan Miro
16x20 Fine ...
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The Adoration of the Shep...
El Greco
12x16 Gicl...
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Person at the Window
Salvador Dali
24x31 Fine ...
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Cinquenta, Tigre Real
Salvador Dali
28x28 Fine Art Print
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Rose Meditative, c.1958
Salvador Dali
11x14 Fine ...
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Patient Lovers
Salvador Dali
28x22 Fine Art Print
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Bull with Bullfighter
Pablo Picasso
24x32 Fine ...
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Etude Pour Yuri Gagarin
Pablo Picasso
14x11 Fine Art Print
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Famous Spanish Paintings:

The Persistence of Memory, c.1931 by Salvador Dali

Guernica, c.1937 is one of the famous Picasso paintings

List of Famous Spanish Painters:

Aguilar, Sergi
Alenza, Leonardo
Alsina, Ramon Marti
Amart, Frederic
Aranda, Luis Jimenez Y
Barbudo, Salvador Sanchez
Barceló, Miguel
Bayeu Y Subias, Francisco
Bayeu y Subias, Ramon
Borrell, Alfons
Brossa, Joan
Cano de la Peña, Eduardo
Cano, Alonso
Canosa, Yamandu
Carreño de Miranda, Don Juan
Castillo, Jorge
Chillida, Eduardo
Dali, Salvador
de Arellano, Juan
Delgado, Gerardo
El Greco
Flandes, Juan de
Goya, Francisco de
Gris, Juan
Guinovart, Josep
Haes, Carlos de
Hernandez Pijuan, Joan
Huguet, Jaume
Masriera y Manovens, Francisco

Names of Famous Spanish Painters, continued
Miro, Joan
Morales, Luis De
Murillo, Bartolome Esteban
Picasso, Pablo
Ponc, Joan
Pradilla Y Ortiz, Francisco
Rafols Casamada, Albert
Sanchez Coello, Alonso
Sanchez Cotan, Juan
Sorolla y Bastida, Joaquin
Tapies, Antoni
Usle, Juan
Valdez, Manolo
Velázquez, Diego
Vivancos, Miguel
Volkel, Reinhold
Zurbarán, Francisco de
Zurbaran, Juan De

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