Spiderman Climbing the Skyscraper

by Doug Dourgarian
(Sacramento, California)

how to draw spiderman in pencil

how to draw spiderman in pencil

The background of the street was too detailed for me so I cropped the image accordingly. My original is about 3x5 inches in size.

The method I used was tracing with a 4h pencil. The picture was printed out and on a glass table with a bright light underneath. Once I got the basic outline completed I removed the light.

Then I went over the drawing with a 2B pencil. Most of the shading was done using a cardboard pencil stump. The original drawing looks better than this version apparently because I went too lightly on the shading in some places like the reflection of his left arm in the window.

Most of the drawing was done with a Reeves sketching pencil 2b in my Strathmore sketchbook that I bring most everywhere I go. The shading was done with a pencil stump.

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