Brush Stroke Photography: Pleasing and Colorful

The term Brush Stroke Photography© refers to the methods I use to achieve the oil paint or watercolor look of my photographs and is the result of years of experimenting with every software product I could find. The painted look you see in the finished image is how I see the image when I take the picture.

My landscape paintings have never looked too exact. I always wanted the broad strokes and lots of color. When I learned how to use an SLR camera I went directly to landscapes. There was no way for me to stop and paint a picture of everything I saw and felt good that I could at least take some time to compose a photograph of a scene. Over the years I have saved at least 10,000 of my negatives, most of them landscapes.

To the greatest degree possible I try to leave out people, cars, telephone poles, and other objects to make my Brush Stroke Photography. My favorite landscape images feature just the earth, trees, water, and sky. The variations are endless wherever I go but I must say my most distinctive landscapes are the famous places I visit.

The digital camera now allows me to combine both my painting style and desire to photograph. That ability was a dream come true for me. Now I can take the time I need and "paint" my own photograph in the computer. When I return from a photo outing I can't wait to spend hours, days, and weeks on the computer to get my images just right. The work calms me and I find serenity as the colors unfold on my screen.

The art is produced on 11x17 inch 100% acid free heavy bright white paper. The result is a beautiful, quality print. My goal is to produce distinctive photographic art created in a vibrant world of color and imagination. Please look around this web site, its bound to have artwork of interest to you. My hope is that you like it, tell friends about it, and come back often to see what is new. Try buying a print for yourself or as a nice gift item for a friend.

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