Wine Label Art

The variety of wine label art you see at the store varies from basic information about the bottle’s contents to collectible wine bottle art and everything in between. Both French and Italian wines have informative wine labels with great histories. This article on Italian wine labels helps make this intriguing subject pretty easy to understand.

It Looks Good
The art of the wine label design has been used for centuries to not only to convey basic information about the bottle's contents but also to disguise mediocre wine as good. This can be even more deceiving if a really great wine does not have a quality label with artwork as it deserves. Today’s wine labels are often designed to help sell the wine by making it look more attractive and help boost the wine's price.

The modern marketing of wine embraces the label's art. For instance just look at the fonts used on one label. The size, color, and style are all chosen for a reason and meant to project a certain image for the wine. Many times specially commissioned drawings, paintings and other artwork grace wine bottles. That type of art may be the winemaker’s favorite but more likely they are skillfully created and revised to give a wine its image.

Marketing Wine
Sometimes wine labels art is not even printed on paper. Many times the printing is done directly on the bottle using silkscreen processes. Also, the design on the paper label extends beyond the paper to the glass to form a mixed media artwork. When Richard Branson introduced his line of Virgin wines he remarked the design on the entire bottle was intended to make the wine “more approachable” to wine buyers. When I see those bottles at my wine shop, I have to agree it is approachable and have even pulled a bottle off the shelf just to take a closer look. That is marketing wine label art at its best.

California Art and Wine Themed Art

Napa Valley Map
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Napa Valley in Winter
Napa Valley in Winter at sunset is full of color with mustard weed in the vineyards.

Napa Valley Trees
Check out the artwork of the welcoming eucalyptus trees along Hwy 12 at the southern gateway to the valley.

Capitola Art and Wine Festival
Capitola Art and Wine Festival is Fun For The Whole Family in a small ocean side city next to the beach.

Twin Palms at Sunset in Orange County
The sunset view of Twin Palms at the ocean in southern California near a beach house is easy going and colorful.

Art Gallery California
Discover the beautiful selection of California famous places artwork including Ansel Adams, Lake Tahoe, and the beach.

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