The World's Funniest Demotivational Posters

Demotivational posters are funny?

What's the biggest trend in the world of motivational posters these days? Well, it's actually the new class of demotivational posters, which are hilarious twists on the motivational posters we all saw hung up in our classrooms and homes as a child. Nothing says motivation like laughing at somebody's misfortune or mocking the entire idea of motivation to begin with.

All de-motivational posters are set up in the exact same way. They typically feature a large picture with a black border around them, and then a sentence or a few words on the bottom in large type. Sound familiar? Well it's the prototypical layout for standard motivational posters but the concept is just taken to an entirely new level. Some will make you laugh, others may leave you staring and talking, but they'll certainly grab your attention.

You can find these in all kinds of categories. Many have to do with college and studying, except maybe they show a kid sleeping in class, or being distracted by a party at night and drinking instead of studying for a final. In fact, many have to do with drinking, misadventures, what you have to do for your buddies in tough situations and more.

But that's not the only category that demotivational posters fall into. Many also deal with animals, playing on those classic, cheesy motivational posters that feature cats hanging from strings and such. The words here either describe the odd photo of the animal, or give voice to the animal's mind in a funny situation.

Many other posters deal with sports, and namely failures in sports. In fact, the "epic failure" category or style is one of the most important altogether. They feature people coming up short or failing in a variety of painful, embarrassing or otherwise terrible fashions, and they are always good for a laugh, and maybe a reminder that things aren't so bad for you.

Many demotivational posters are actually sexy. They feature pictures of scantily clad women, or zoomed in shots of particular areas of a woman's body. Then the phrase has something to do with how the people in the photo look, or why the image is so great. These are extremely popular, and are probably the most popular items of décor for any high school or college aged male, not to mention older adults and women who have a laid back sense of humor.

The common theme with all demotivational posters is that they are going to catch your eye, and they are going to make you laugh and share the joke with others. The truth is that we can all use some more laughs in life. So whether you need something for the dorm room, an office hall way, a home office or anything else, consider turning to demotivational posters.

They will immediately pay for themselves as you get multiple laughs throughout the day and as every passerby stops to comment on them. Just try not to get too distracted by them, because that would somewhat ruin the point of a motivation poster entirely. Or would it?

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