Fantasy Art Galleries

The fantasy art galleries and illustration has a rich history starting with ancient Greek art where winged lions and half men-half beast figures were commonplace. Later in Renaissance art the angels and demon gargoyles on the Notre Dame Cathedral and other famous landmarks helped establish the genre for today’s artists which spans the following:

  • Angel Art
    View the angel art wings available framed and unframed in posters and art prints in our online artwork gallery.
  • Dragon Art
  • Werewolf Fantasy
  • Mermaid Art
  • Angel Wings Art
  • Fairies in Art
    The Fairy Art Gallery has fairies, Peter Pan, Tooth Fairy, and Fairy Godmother in art posters and art prints.

There is no question art has religious roots in the Greek mythology or on churches. Today’s version includes religious figures such as angels.When science fiction is mixed with fantasy there is an abundance of barely clothed women, unicorns, dragons, and even space creatures.

Another term for this art is fantastic illustration. The modern artists use new tools too such as the airbrush and digital art technology to produce imagery. This type of art is many times based on the myths and legends which gives lots of inspiration to the artists. Some of the most well known names in this art style include:

Rick Berry
Jim Burns
Fred Gambino
John Howe
Alan Lee
Dave McKean
Chris Moore
Steve Stone
Tom Badgerlock
Don Maitz

To check out other artwork (including sexy shoes) by Doug Dourgarian and see more links for his online art gallery click here for his web gallery of art .

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