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Roman Shoe Store II

Roman Shoe Store II by Doug Dourgarian $110 USD

Purchase this print on 11x17 inch 100% acid free heavy duty premium paper. The image is about 9.5x12 inches. The watermark does not appear on the finished print shipped to your home. The prints are shipped in a box via USPS Priority Mail and usually arrive in less than five US Mail days from the date of your order. Click here for more purchase information of my artwork.

Other High Heel Galleries of Interest

High Heels Gallery 1
The High Heels Gallery 1 has beautiful artwork of shoes and purses art prints for sale.

If the shoe fits buy one in every color
High heel shoe art of high heels titled "If the shoe fits buy one in every color" by Doug Dourgarian $120 USD.

Red High Heels
The Red high heels lyrics by recording artist Kellie Pickler on her album Small Town Girl has generated a lot of interest in this print.

Women That Love High Heels
This store window in Rome Italy's Via Del Corso shopping district near the Spanish Steps was the first piece of my high heel shoe art with purses and Italian designed shoes.

Bling Bling Decorated Flip Flops
These designer decorated flip flops are decorated with lots of bling bling type glitter in a beautiful image for your wall.

Decorative Shoe I Love
The decorative shoe I love in black with embroidery and a large bow on the heel, this one is very dressy but not a high heel.

High Heel Diamond Shoes
The Diamond Shoes print is rich in color and are elegant high heels.

The Purse Forum Party
The Purse Forum was an idea from a Purse Party, it is a color print featuring four purses in the Andy Warhol style display.

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