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Thursday May 21, 2009

Today I am starting this log of my Site Build It web host experience. Compared to the hosts I’ve used over the years I can say with confidence SBI gives great support and has relevant forums of fellow users sharing useful information. SBI does not come cheap at $299 USD per year compared to other hosts but there are significant differences:

1. For beginners it is important to note technical experience is not required. For advanced technical users there are no limitations on what you can do with the site (as far as I can tell.)

2. The most important distinction of SBI over any other host the help provided to enhance the number of unique visitors per day to my site. They use proven search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. All this is done with the beginner in mind with clear, easy to follow instructions. Most web hosts provide little or no help in this area.

3. Growing the number of readers is important to get my message out and SBI also supplies lots of help on how to make money from the site’s traffic. In other words: An SBI site can help put me in a viable online business. They have lots of testimonials of success stories.

4. The help from fellow users is significant. I’ve received help in the forums on a variety of subjects from many knowledgeable people. They are friendly and the tone is upbeat with a willingness to share information. One SBI user in particular, Tomaz, has five sites and a blog called Site Build It review with valuable information on how he achieved success. I recommend a visit to see what I mean.

Update: December 2009

This section is my running account of my experiences with SBI. This is my one year anniversary with them and it is a good time to take stock and share what has happened.

The good news for me to report that I achieved my goal of site visitors. When I started my old site had only 15 unique visitors per day and now this site gets over 600. On the other hand, I've made a ton of mistakes. The biggest error was not following the action guide in the recommended manner. SBI is a lot more than just a host that helps you get page views. They help you start a business. Had my goal been to start a business the SBI way I would be money ahead now.

The year ahead will bring significant changes to this site as it grows. I've learned a lot and will try to incorporate those lessons to make a visitor's experience here a good one. Would I recommend SBI to others? Yes, but...

SBI is perfect if you want to start an online business from scratch or support an existing brick and mortar business with a presence that will make money, despite what the folks running the SiteSell scam campaign say. Right now SBI costs $300 USD and is a bargain for what you get: Hosting, training, support from fellow SBI users.

SBI is not for you if you just want a static site that you set and forget. SBI is not the cheapest either (although it is by far the best value.)
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