Art Deco Furniture Design HIstory

The Art Deco furniture movement started in France as a way for design to move away from foreign influences and to abolish the curve while using new colors. In the 1920s furniture design was considered a secondary or lower art form while painting was considered fine art.

Stores Wanted Influence
As a result the furniture designers started new organizations to exhibit their work in salons. The department stores also wanted to change the existing system of carrying whatever the designers brought forward. The stores started to develop their own design houses to fashion design what the stores felt would sell the most to their customers.

Quality and Style
The modern look was in style and the designers could be grouped into three major categories Traditionalists, Modernists, and Individualists. The quality of the furniture was superior with distinctive and lavish pieces.

New Materials Used
The materials used in furniture making also changed. The use of metal such as wrought iron and glass were both incorporated into designs. Simplicity became the most fashionable. This was a challenge to designers to now combine these new materials in furniture with new industrial methods. The result was traditional lacquer work with ultra-modern angular forms and rich veneered surfaces.

Significant Changes in Art Deco Furniture
The use of new materials for furniture continued to develop for less expensive pieces. Tubular steel furniture began to appear and was accepted, usually in the kitchen first but soon spread to other rooms. This was a huge departure from the royal styles of the past and gaining acceptance was a huge change in attitudes at the time.

Mass Production Influences
Art Deco furniture design took on other new forms at the time including concepts such as functional design and use of mass production. The idea of Utopian interior spaces was also explored as was functionalism, a type of furniture that was angular and skeletal, simple construction usually in black.

Bauhaus Design
The German Bauhaus architects had a major impact on international design in the 1920s and 1930s but change in furniture design was influenced from designers throughout Europe at the time.

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