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The story behind King Kong art and the Movie Posters started with the 1933 adventure movie. Filmmaker Merian C. Cooper wanted to make a movie that would be described as the ultimate adventure. He wanted a gigantic ape on the Empire State Building at war with fighter planes and proceeded to build a story around that vision. (story continued below)

King Kong
King Kong

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King Kong ASCII Art

King Kong ASCII Art

Setting Based in New York
The movie starts in depression era New York and a ship called The Venture is preparing to sail the next morning. Unfortunately, an actress meant to sail with the ship did not show. Carl Denham goes out to find a beautiful woman to accompany him on a journey of indefinite duration, to an unknown destination for a secret project and be ready to leave the very next day. He finds Ann Darrow played by Fay Wray needing a change and she accepts the job. So begins the King Kong art story that went on to make history.

Author's Adventures
The producer directors were Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. There were real life adventurers who met in Europe at the end of World War I. When they later met up again in the United States they became shipmates on a schooner to go on an expeditions to Ethiopia and the Middle East for a museum to record people and places in books and a movies. They became adventurers, overcame hazards and made a movie call Grass which was well received. This gave them the experience needed to product more films.

Building a Better Monster
King Kong was to be a 50 foot monster to be filmed by laboriously shooting one frame at a time changing a two foot model’s position slightly between each take. Just like cartoons, this method achieved the look of movement. They also built a huge gorilla paw for the scenes where Fay Wray was held and a massive foot for the close ups where he was crushing screaming victims in the native village.

Empire State Building Scene
The final battle scenes in New York City atop the Empire State Building were in reality a tiny set with model aircraft in front of a rear projection of New York. Interestingly, the top of the building in the 1930s was a mooring mast for dirigible airships and that is the way it appears in the movie. A TV tower was added in 1951 extending the building’s height an extra 222 feet.

Box Office Hit and Profits
The movie cost $650,000 and two years to make. The movie did not win an Oscar but it did very well at the box office. That success was the basis for the profitable sequel Son of Kong which cost less than half to make at $250,000 and took only nine months to complete.

Kong's Friend Godzilla
A version of King Kong art did come back to the screen in 1963’s King Kong Vs. Godzilla. It was made in Japan along with lots of other monster heroes but the most popular of the group was Godzilla. Many other versions of King Kong have come out in the years since because he was such a popular monster for audiences.

King Kong Today
The movie's popularity to present day is renown. It has been remade countless times even now available on DVD and King Kong fan art now comes in King Kong toys, King Kong games, King Kong movie posters are still recognizable to young and old.

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