Art Deco Jewelry Designs

Art Deco jewelry is one of the most exciting areas of modern art history between the time of the two World Wars. The Art Deco movement was primarily French and it was the first time jewelry designs changed since the 1800s.

Art Deco introduced geometrical forms and bright colors. The style caught on in both the USA and Europe. The two leading names were Jean Fouquet and Reymond Templier both of Paris in the 1920s.

Cubism and Abstraction
Art Deco jewelry has abstract qualities which started with the avant garde movements such as Cubism and other abstractions from reality. Jewelry design looked to the changes in painting and sculpture at the time as a way to change itself.

The idea of new and simple design using geometric forms were then used to create complex work in jewelry. Other abstract patterns from the ancient arts in Babylonia, Mayan, and Aztec cultures such as the ziggurat and temples soon became designs in jewelry.

New Stones and Shapes
Art Deco jewelry used metals and stones in designs that emphasized their contrasting effects. This gave the jewelry a vibrancy and interest when combined with diamonds and emeralds. Jewelers changed gem cutting to form new shapes like the baguette, trapezium, and square cut. They also used stones carved in the Orient that were engraved with figures, animals, fruit, flowers, and baskets.

The King Tut Factor
The discovery of King Tut's tomb and the huge publicity from it started a mania for ancient Egyptian Art and its clean style. Soon the Egyptian style of hieroglyphics and linear concepts found their way into Art Deco style jewelry.

Cheaper Materials
Costume jewelry came of age starting in the 1920s using inexpensive materials such as imitation stones and Bakelite. This made jewelry affordable to the general population. The pearl became a popular gem after the technique of producing cultured pearls in Japan lowered the price making them also affordable to wider audience.

High Point in the Movement
The United States held a more conservative view on these new styles in jewelry. They liked the trend toward lightness and economy but high end styles took a while to catch on. The 1925 Exposition is considered the high point in Art Deco design for jewelry. After wards, forms became bigger and massive. The colors were muted making black and white dominant. Soon, the spirit of the period gradually faded as the Depression grew and retailers either shut down or cut back operations. The influence of the Bauhaus in decorative arts had been felt.

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