Anime Art Characteristics

Anime Art is Japanese animation (cartoons) and it is very popular like its comic book cousin Manga Art. Anime has a distinct style that is easy to recognize. The character designs usually have big eyes and subtle features.
Popular anime includes Digimon, Sailor Moon, and Pokemon. Princess Mononoke was a feature length film in Anime. Another Anime favorite that started out as Manga is called Ghost in the Shell. One of the big differences between Anime and US style cartoons is the movement. Characters in Anime do not move as smoothly or their movement is limited.

The following are all characteristics of Anime art:
- High Tech Punk look: Usually a male. They use their knowledge of technology to save the world. They also use technology as a weapon against a hostile government. The survival of the planet is at stake. Usually the story takes place in the future.

- High Tech Gal: Trained in military operations. They are always in contact with team members by talking and using other communication with them even when alone in enemy territory. They are younger adults and more knowledgeable of technology matters than old characters. When they wear glasses it connotes intelligence.

- Teens: They feel their emotions with great intensity and they tend to be idealistic. Teens typically have a lot of friends. Teen stories generally center on high school matters such ad popular groups, adventure, and the love life there.

- Dark Magic and Fantastic Creatures: No love life in these scenes, this is a fight against evil demons that protect the underworld where dark lords rule. There are good creatures in this realm too and sometimes they are warriors.

-Dragons: This is evil. They usually have the upper body of a bird, the rear legs of a dog, forked tongue, and they tail of a lizard. Anime likes to feature demons throughout the story instead of saving it until the end.

- Goblin Monsters: These are small, ugly creatures usually with special powers. Sometimes a friendly monster appears who is good, cute and has big eyes. These good monsters also have special powers in Anime art and they will help humans.

-Warriors: These are heroic types and they are not only cool, they have very good manners and act prince-like.

-Weapons: Swords, shields, and clubs are the main choices that are low tech.

- Mecha: This is a battle scene of high excitement and the action part of a movie. Use of robots is prevalent here along with lots of high tech weapons. Fighting can take place in space with lots of special effects. There can be fighting under the sea using submarines that look like jet fighters.

- Internal Overload: This is where a building or robot has a major problem, energy builds up inside over time and then triggers a huge explosion.

- Eyes: The good characters usually have large eyes and the bad guys have small eyes.

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