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Marvel and DC Comics
Superheroes and action are part of Marvel Comics art gallery. Marvel Comics first appeared in 1939 and the first issue was reprinted in hardback version in recent years. Another recent reprint of early issues from 1999 is called Marvel Mystery Comics with an assortment of stories. Marvel and DC Comics are two major publishers and both are noteworthy in the graphic novel business. Publisher Evolves
The Marvel comics art gallery story centers on the publisher Martin Goodman. He published pulp fiction magazines and cowboy stories, the Dynamic Science Stories, Uncanny Tales, and Marvel Science Stories. The first issue was called Marvel Comics but soon the name Marvel Mystery Comics was adopted. The company was called Timely Publications but that name has also changed over the years.

Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man
The most famous Marvel characters include: Captain America, Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, the Hulk, Iron Man, Ghost Rider, the Punisher, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Thor and many others. Most of the Marvel heroes are depicted in one single reality; this is known as the Marvel Universe. Batman comics were published by DC Comics. Check out the Marvel comics art gallery prints and posters available on this page.

Superhero Beginnings
From the beginning the Marvel universe introduced interesting and colorful artwork and characters including the Human Torch, and Sub-Mariner. The artist-writers from this period include Bob Oksner, Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. They invented lots of the Marvel superhero characters such as the Patriot, the Vision, KaZar and Electro, a giant red robot.

How to Make and Draw Comics
The art of how to make and draw comic books is rather interesting because the job combines the work of many with instead of one person doing it all.

Story Outline
A single person usually performs the outline of the story. This is a the core of the story telling process. Two notable and prolific writers were Al Feldstein and Bill Gaines. They are said to have started a new story every working day for over five years.

Once the outline is complete the story is handed over to another person called a penciller who draws the story putting it in visual form. The penciller usually works closely with the writer during this process. The penciller is a talented artist concerned with layout to accurately present the plot development.

The inker’s job is to interpret the penciller's intent and render the art in a more finished state.The pencillers is a more senior position preferring to create detailed pages they expect to see in the inked art version. This is known as tight pencilling.

The colorist’s job is responsible for adding color to the line art of the inker. Almost all comic books are in color. A colorist also can add to or shift the emphasis of a page of comic art and can further emphasize what draws the eye concentrating on realism of the scene.

The letterer’s job This may seem like an easy task rendering what needs to be said on the page. The job in fact requires knowledge and skill regarding fonts, letter size, and layout of the words contributing to the impact of the art. A good letterer is a good calligrapher, and a great letterer has as much to do with the quality of the comic as the writer, penciler, inker, or colorist.

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