The Ironman Art Gallery

The Ironman Art Gallery has images from the comic book Iron Man and the blockbuster movie Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. First appearing in Marvel’s Tales of Suspense #39 in 1963 he was created by Stan Lee. The early versions were written by Larry Lieber and drawn by Don Heck. In those days Tony Stark was quite rich as a multimillionaire.

Escape from Prison
The original story has Tony Stark in the Vietnam War as a prisoner of the Viet Cong after stepping on a land mine damaging his heart and other body parts. His heart was saved with a pacemaker and his body kept alive by a suit of “super armor.” His friend, a pilot named James Rhodes, helps him escape and he returns to the United States and he became president of Stark Industries. The company is a large weapons supplier to the military. His friend James Rhodes also joins the company.

His Enemies
The Mandarin was usually his primary foe but there were other difficulties for him too because Iron Man has not been without problems through the years. In fact, he has died a few different times and had a bullet wound in his spine which crippled him. Other serious problems include unhappiness due to romances that did not work out, alcoholism and an injury that caused neural damage. In true comic form he manages to come back, become a billionaire industrialist, and when wearing the armor he designed, he becomes “a living high-tech weapon-the World’s greatest human fighting machine.”

Suit of Armor
When Stark is down because of his physical or romantic problems James Rhodes, sometimes called Rhodey, wears the armor as Iron Man. The color and overall design of the armor has also changed and improved over the years from “an electrically powered, transistorized smart suit” to many new powers and even new colors many on display in the Ironman Art Gallery.

Iron Man Movie
The 2008 movie Iron Man (sometimes titled Ironman) has a present day setting and the war is in Afghanistan. As in the original comic version he is wounded and captured, makes a suit out of iron and uses it to escape. Once back home he upgrades the armor’s design to the point he can fly alongside fighter jets. Unlike the comics (movie spoiler ahead) he seems to do better in romance with Gwyneth Paltrow as his assistant Pepper Potts. Stark announces he no longer wants his company to make weapons and intends to shut down that part of the company. Rhodes is also part of the story believing Stark needs to recover from his injuries. Stark uses the new armor on a trip back to Afghanistan determined to right his company’s wrongs. The film ends with excellent fight scenes and Stark tells reporters at a press conference that “I am Iron Man.” There are more surprises and lots of action.

The Ironman Art Gallery gained lots of great imagery from the movie because it had lots of special effects. The effects worked well because the story is based on comics.

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