Manga Art of the Comics

The term Manga Art refers to the artwork of Manga, the Japanese word for comic book. Much like the Marvel Comics and other comic book stories in the United States, Manga’s big growth occurred just after World War II. Long before modern Manga, graphic storytelling was popular in Japan for hundreds of years.
Manga and Anime
Today Manga art is very popular and so is Anime, animated cartoons, with Manga like drawing. Americans have access to Manga with English translations. In Japan however, the books are read from front to back. Many American English language versions are read front to back.

Atom the Robot
Manga characters are generally recognized by their large eyes and often look cute. One of the most important modern Manga personalities is Osamu Tezuka. He is respected in Japan for the Tetsuwan Atom series of a child robot. In 1963, Tezuka expanded the reach of the popular Manga character by also appearing in an animated cartoon television series.

The cartoon series was introduced to the United States as Astro Boy in comic books. Mr. Tezuka also made a cartoon version of the book Crime and Punishment using his Manga style. He went on to produce other serials including Adolph, Black Jack, Phoenix and a biography of Buddha.

In Japan there are two large publishers of Manga. They are Viz Comics and Dark Horse. Themes of the stories include love and protecting the earth. Characters are also frequently martial arts masters and can have special powers and sometimes, supernatural abilities.

A popular Manga art series in the United States is Akira. He is a handsome hero of the future and saves the world from destruction. This series is in black and white as most other Manga is drawn. Two other popular series are Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

The stories of current Manga in Japan are more varied than their US counterparts. Japanese Manga stories include lots of romance and even cooking. The US versions usually feature adventure stories of the young. Woman in these stories usually have special powers.American imitations of Manga include Ninja High School and The Dirty Pair. Usagi Yojimbo is a rabbit warrior in medieval Japan.

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