Famous Artist Cezanne

When the artist of famous paintings Paul Cezanne (1839-1906) left France’s beautiful city of Aix for the Paris art scene, he was 34 years old. He had a “stubborn will to succeed” and shed all orthodox standards. The bourgeois life of his banker father was not for him but no one, even him, knew he would become such a famous artist.

Artist's Tough Financial Times
The son he shared with Hortense Fiquet would make life rough financially for Cezanne as a young unknown painter in Paris. Even the belt he used to hold up his pants was the working man’s style and the low quality canvas he used also showed times were tough for him economically. In my opinion the future did not look good for him at least on the surface. The quality of his art however, was good as was his approach to his work.

Renoir and Zola
Renoir was a friend and described Paul's working habits “it was an unforgettable sight, he was at his easel, painting and looking at the landscape, he was truly alone in the world, intense, concentrated, attentive, respectful. He came back the next day and every day, redoubled his efforts.” His friend Emile Zola encouraged him in Paris even though his father discouraged him.

Art School
The Ecole des Beaux-Arts school would not admit him even though he applied several times. I find it interesting that masters like him and even Einstein had difficulty getting into the schools of choice. Instead of the Beaux-Arts he studied in the life class at Academie Swisse where he met painter Camille Pissarro and became friends. This friendship led to outdoor painting trips together around Paris in the 1870s.

Art Style Changes
He exhibited his paintings with the Impressionists but was also critical of their neglect of form and structure. His own artistic style developed and was later categorized as post impressionism. In his later period he reduced the importance of subject matter concentrating on form toward abstraction.

Loved Painting and Art
The circumstances of his death tell a lot about his life. He caught pneumonia because he tried to finish a painting outdoors in a storm and went back the next day in rainy weather. He loved to paint outdoors and loved working hard at it even after he became commercially successful. When I read news accounts of his paintings selling for more than $50 million in present times it is hard to believe this giant of artistic talent started out with lots of bills to pay as young and unknown that worked endlessly through the end.

Paintings Popular Today
Paul Cézanne prints and posters remain some of the most popular artworks of impressionism to this day. He was an influence on others as well including Picasso and the Cubism movement and Matisse in Fauvism during the early twentieth century.

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