Claude Monet Famous Paintings

Claude Monet famous paintings are some of the most popular Impressionist paintings. He was widely seen as the leader of the Impressionists and his artwork remains very popular today in prints and posters.

World Famous Paintings by Monet

Water Lillies
Sunset in Venice
The Magpie
Impression: Sunrise
Corn Poppies
Almond Blossom
The Japanese Bridge in the Garden
Garden Pathway
Artist's Garden in Argenteuil
Haystacks (series)
Lilacs in the Sun
The Tuileries
Garden at Bordighera
Still Life (series)
Boats Leaving the Harbor
Cliffs at Belle-Ile

More Claude Monet Famous Paintings
Cliffs near Dieppe
Boats Leaving the Harbor
Cliffs at Belle-Ile
Cliffs near Dieppe
Etretat Paintings
Impression, Sunrise
Le Havre Paintings
Maree Basse
Pourville Paintings
Rocky Point
Ships Riding on the Seine
Small Boat on Water
The Beach at Sainte-Adresse

Other World Famous Art Paintings
This artist was a realist in the age of Idealization while he was violent, criticized and a widely imitated realist in Europe.

Paul Cezanne helped forge the Impressionist movement with his famous landscape paintings with help from Renoir and Monet but it wasn’t always easy.

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