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The online French Impressionist art gallery of prints would not be complete without mentioning Claude Monet because his painting called Impression, Sunrise provoked an art critic to coin the name Impressionist in a negative review. This one is my favorites.

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Sunset In Venice
Claude Monet
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Rebellious Exhibition
Today the French Impressionist painters are so popular their artwork continues to draw big crowds to museums, but it wasn’t always that way. In fact the term Impressionist was supposed to be an insult to the 30 artists that exhibited their art in 1874 Paris at the very first Impressionist art gallery. The exhibition was a rebellion against the art in vogue at the time from the Academy Beau Arts and at first; things did not go well.

The Spotlight Helped
Many years later artist Andy Warhol whose artwork was often criticized said “Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” The bad press the Impressionists received from that show put them in the spotlight and they made the most of it. Now they are known as old masters and those same ridiculed paintings sell for millions today at art auctions.

New Techniques
They fought the official art of the day with their experiment at the Impressionist art gallery with new the techniques to express themselves. It was a big risk and had their art show not drawn attention from the press they would have a difficult time. It proves their art is good; the public liked it and still likes it.

Their choice of subject matter did not include the religious or mythological themes that would have been safe subject matter. Instead they painted what was around them. They painted the street scenes, cafes, still life fruit and even nude models.

Unconventional Use of Color
Even more unconventional was the way they painted color on the canvas. The oil paints were not always mixed on the palette for the perfect color. Instead they put two or more colors next to each other on the canvas and the viewer “mixed” the colors in their minds eye. This was a bold, new technique in painting at the time. The Impressionists mastered their techniques and went on to create great art that has inspired others for generations.

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