The MC Escher Biography & Artwork

The MC Escher biography reveals a life devoted to his artwork which included drawings, paintings, lithography, woodcuts, tessellations and most notably etchings of impossible visualizations. His full name was Maurits Cornelis Escher.

Here is a chronology of major events in his life like where did he study art and online gallery of the most popular MC Escher paintings: (continued below)

(continued from above)

Biography of MC Escher Artwork

1898 – Born June 17 in Leeuwarden, Holland

1903 – His family moves to the Dutch city of Arnhem and lives there until he is about 20 years old in 1918

1919 through 1922 - Attends the School for Architecture and Decorative Arts in Haarlem, Netherlands

1921 – Takes the first of many trips to the French Riviera and Italy which inspires him to produce beautiful landscapes of the countryside

1922 – Visits Italy and the Alhambra castle in Granada, Spain. In November, he moves to Siena Italy

1923 – Meets his future wife Jetta Umiker in Ravello Italy. In November he moves to Rome

1924 – Marries Jetta at the Alhambra and they live in Rome

1926 – Son George is born in Rome. He has successful exhibitions in Rome and Holland

1928 – Son Arthur is born

1934 – His lithograph Nonza places third at an exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago which helps him establish a growing reputation in America

1935 – Moves to Chateau-d’Oex Switzerland with his family

1937 – Moves his family to Brussels Belgium

1938 – Son Jan is born

1941 – Moves the family to Baarn, Holland

1951 – Articles in Time and Life magazines generate interest in his artwork around the world

1955 – Honored by the Dutch government for his art by receiving the Knighthood of the Order of Oranje Nassau

1962 – Hospitalized for surgery, his health is no longer robust for the remainder of his life but his best known art is produced in the post World War II years.

1967- The Dutch government again rewards him for his artistic accomplishments

1968 – The Escher Foundation is founded

1970 – Moves to Laren, Holland

1972 – MC Escher passes away in Hilversum on March 27th

Important Facts of MC Escher
Other important facts from the MC Escher biography include his desire to include tessellations based on mathematics into his art even though he was never strong in math during his schooling years. Notable pieces of this genre include the Metamorphosis series.

His earlier work was base more on Landscapes from his travels in Italy and along the Mediterranean Sea. Around 1936 he began to experiment using mathematical principles in his work and he began to express them through his art while dropping the landscapes in favor of the famous MC Escher tessellation style.

Famous Quotations from MC Escher
Some famous quotations from the MC Escher biography include:

“Which reality is actually more powerful: that of the present, instantly absorbed by our senses and discernible, or the memory of what we experienced previously? Is the present truly more real than the past? I really do not feel capable of answering this.”

“Your little daughter is not the first child to be amused by my pictures. Their interest is a matter of pride to me.”

“Where architecture is concerned, I have been heavily influenced in my pictures by southern Italian structures, in which one can often recognize Norman, Romanesque, Saracen and Moorish influences. I am, among other things, crazy about domes like bread rolls and flat, white washed rooftops and stucco walls. I saw almost all of these elements on the Amalfi coast. What speaks in my pictures is a form of nostalgia for the sunny south.”

“To have peace with this peculiar life; to accept what we do not understand; to wait calmly for what awaits us, you have to be wiser than I am.”

“This search for new possibilities, this discovery of new jigsaw puzzle pieces, which in the fires place surprises and astonishes the designer himself, is a game that through the years has always fascinated and enthralled me anew.” This ends the MC Escher biography.

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MC Escher Paintings

MC Escher Paintings
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MC Escher Artwork of Tessellations
The images in MC Escher artwork and tessellations are fascinating scenes with optical illusions, waterfalls, reptiles, castles, stairs, and spheres.

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