King Tut’s Ancient Egyptian Art Masterpieces

The wealth of ancient Egyptian art discovered in the tomb of King Tutankhamen, sometimes spelled Tutankhamun (Tut is really a slang name but I will use it here for convenience) was the most exciting archaeological discovery of all ancient art. There were over 5,000 inventoried pieces of artwork yet, it is difficult to believe about 80% of the jewelry and objects of precious metal had been stolen before the modern day discovery.

The Mummy
The discovery of the tomb and the art objects inside gave the young king a form of immortality. His mummy still rests inside the tomb unlike the other objects which are mostly housed in the Cairo Museum. The tomb is unique because it is the only royal burial in the Valley of the Kings with ancient Egyptian art that was found almost completely intact.

Mystery Location
He died an early death from unknown causes in 1325 BC; he was about 18 years old. There are theories on why his tomb was over looked by robbers. Most believe his death came suddenly and his place of burial may have been designed for a non royal owner, perhaps his mentor, Aye. The location may not have been known to many people and there were guards in the area for many years after he died. The entrance was also covered by mud and gravel from storms over the centuries that served to protect it in later years.

The discovery was made in 1922 by British archaeologist Howard Carter and financed by Lord Carnarvon. The contents of the tomb provide much general information about Egypt from the time of King Tut but there are still many mysteries including the details of his life and family.

Art Objects
The golden mask that covered his face inside the coffin is probably the most recognized single piece from the collection. Its picture was featured as front page news around the world. Made mostly of gold and weighing 24 pounds it had inlays of colored glass, quartz turquoise and other semiprecious stones arranged in artistic patterns to achieve a dramatic effect.

Although most jewelry was stolen, there were more than140 items of jewelry were found with his mummy. Each piece is a beautiful work of art. Other large objects found in the tomb include the Chair of Sitamun made of elaborately carved wood covered with gold and silver and the Upper Portion of a Statue of Amenhotep IV. There were few decorations in the tomb itself but there were carved and painted panels of great beauty. The purposed for many of the piece was to keep him company in the afterlife and to help him achieve immortality.

Other Ancient Art of Interest to Ancient Egyptian Art

Ancient Art
This is classic famous art from history including Gemini symbol, Greeks, Egyptians, Renaissance, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, Middle ages, Kokopelli paintings.

Renaissance Art
Florence Italy and the Medici family started this art movement and left one of the greatest artistic legacies of any age.

Gothic Art
Started in the Chartres France Cathedral and soon spread through all Europe with architecture, painting, and music.

Greek Art
The subject matter of most Greek art was the myths of Zeus, his family and other gods of great importance.

Ancient Greek Art
The best ancient Greek art examples are the Venus de Milo and Parthenon.

Baroque Art
Designed to appeal to the senses by impressing and inspiring a sense of awe.

Byzantine Art
Includes spectacular mosaics, paintings and churches across Europe

Egyptian Art
The Bust of Nefertiti is both beautiful and has a rich history from the tombs and pyramids.

Gemini Symbol Art
The history behind Gemini symbol art is based on Greek mythology and several sets of twins who were opposites.

Kokopelli Art
Kokopelli Art is based on the fluteplayer from the Native American Hopi kachina god Kookopolo and Maahu.
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