Greenwich Village NYC Artwork

The last time I visited Greenwich Village NYC was in the fall of 2008. The weather was perfect. My great desire was a walking tour of the Village. The shops, coffee houses, restaurant and bar made it a pleasure for me to spend an entire day to walk around and take souvenir photos.

Although I am a Californian I did grow up in this area so it did have the slight feeling of nostalgia. The neighborhood I felt most comfortable was Washington Park, The arch was being restored so unfortunately I couldn't get very close because of the construction fence.The NYU students were there and someone tried to shove a manifesto into my hand. Ah, the life of a radical student. (The Village NYC continued below the artwork)

Greenwich Village NYC Artwork

The Pink House, Greenwich Village NYC Artwork by Doug Dourgarian $120 USD

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Soon I found myself heading towards Bleeker Street and the apartments looked cozy. There on the left was a bright pink apartment house standing out from the rest and I just had to take a photo so that I could remember the scene when I got back to California. I've never seen a place that color before or since. While it would not be my choice, it does look good on this street.

If you are planning a visit to the Greenwich Village NYC area here a some of my recommendations:

  • Washington Park at 5th Avenue
  • Canal Street for the crazy shopping experience.
  • The art galleries are second to none.
  • Coffee houses, bring your own Kerouac.
  • Little Italy's Mulberry Street for the wonderful Italian food and local history.
  • A chess shop or two to see the variety of boards and chess books.

While visiting Manhattan don't forget to see spectacular Times Square in the evening hours after seeing a Broadway show in a great old theatre. My wife and I saw Jersey Boys and loved it.

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New York City Art Prints
New York City Art Prints of Times Square, Greenwich Village, Washington Arch, New York City Public Library show famous places in New York City.

Greenwich Village New York
Greenwich Village New York across from Washington Square Park.

Greenwich Village NYC
Greenwich Village NYC street scene is tranquil even though surrounded by a huge city and is a great place to enjoy the art of New York City.

The New York City Public Library
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Times Square Street Level
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Washington Square Arch
The Washington Square Arch in Greenwich Village as seen from 5th Avenue. Many people were introduced to this view in the Robin Williams movie August Rush.

Time Square New York North View
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