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The Comic Book Art Gallery is showcases the Marvel characters art that has finally reached acceptance as a legitimate and important modern art form. The comic art fans have pushed the hobby of collecting original comic book art to a point where some pages cost more than $10,000 each. When I was a kid those old comic books were not meant for adults, those prices are pretty steep and certainly not for kids. (Continued below)

Today’s graphic novels are more that imaginative stories of superheroes or Marvel zombies directed at children. Comics are sometimes now used to present the weightier matters of history, retell classic stories once only available in traditional book form and a way to keep up on current events (and an occasional Marvel civil war) in an interesting easy to follow art form.

I knew when I first saw a picture of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s work I knew comic book art was going in its own direction away from Pop Art artists.

This may be a point of controversy but I feel Lichtenstein’s art work, obviously of the comic genre, is really Pop Art belonging to the modern art galleries and is different from typical Marvel comics because his art was never meant to be used in comic books.

Art Posters and Art Prints
DVDs, Art posters and other prints of comic book heroes are for sale here and have remained popular including movie based on the batman comic books and Iron Man comic. I hope you enjoy this comic art gallery and the presentation of online comics.

Other Comic Book Art of Interest

Iron Man Art Gallery
The Ironman Art Gallery also has the story and background for the comic and movie.

Manga Art Gallery
The Manga Art of Japanese comics features characters with large eyes and often very cute.

Anime Art Gallery
Anime Art characters are cool, high tech, like lots of adventure and fight epic battles to save the world.

Naruto Fan Art
Naruto fan art of Naruto Uzumaki the loud, brash and world's most famous ninja. Naruto started as Manga, now in DVD anime movies, TV-television, books, toys,games, & videos. Gaara & Sasuke.

Marvel Comics Art Gallery
Superheroes and action are part of Marvel Comics art gallery and history of Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, and others.

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