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The horoscopes and tattoos of Gemini symbol art have an ancient art history going back to Greek mythology. Here is the story: Much of ancient Greek Art featured myths and the Gemini symbol is no exception. Twins symbolize Gemini and the background on the symbol is based several sets of twins. The myths of ancient Greece ancient Greek Art are stories about the gods and goddesses.

Eggs Hatch to Human Form
The first set of twins starts with Zeus in the disguise of a swan that had flown down from Olympus to court Leda who was married to a mortal, King Tyndareus. Leda had laid two blue eggs. When the eggs were hatched the babies took human form, Helen of Troy and her brother, Pollux, came out from one of them. They were the children of Zeus and therefore immortal. From the other egg came their half sister and brother, Clytemnestra and Castor, children of Leda’s mortal husband, King Tyndareus and they were mortals.

Life After Death
Castor and Pollux were inseparable from the time they were born and both grew up to be great athletes. Castor won fame as a tamer of horses, Pollux as a boxer. They protected each other to the last breath. When they died together while fighting in a battle, Pollux went to Olympus, while Castor, being mortal, was sent to Hades. They missed each other so Zeus took pity on them. He allowed Pollux to give his brother half of his immortality and from then on the twins always stayed together, half the time on Olympus, the other half in Hades. That is why in Gemini symbol art the twins are considered opposites.

Helen and Clytemnestra grew up their mortal father, King Tyndareus. Clytemnestra married Agamemnon. Helen, also known as Helen of Troy, married Menelaus of Sparta and became Queen of Sparta.

Another Set of Twins
Zeus and Leto (Sometimes spelled as Leda) settled on the island of Delos and Leto’s first child was Artemis a girl as beautiful as the moon, she was to be the goddess of the hunt and all newborn creatures. Then Apollo was born and he was handsome. He was to be the god of music, light, and reason.

Zeus loved them and gave each of the twins a silver bow and special arrows. The arrows of Artemis were soft and brought painless death. Apollo’s were hard and piercing. Zeus then blessed the island of Delos, which became the richest of all Greek islands.

Apollo and Artemis were as different as night and day but were very fond of each other and both adored their mother. The Gemini twins were again defined as opposites but loving and respectful.

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Gothic Art
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Ancient Greek Art
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