Ancient Byzantine Art and the Mosaics

Byzantine art is religious art based on Christianity but also depicted real life emperors and other leaders too. The name uses the ancient name for present day Istanbul that was also known as Constantinople. The term Greco-Roman sometimes describes certain periods of this ancient art style.

Byzantine Architecture
The art dates from around 530 AD to the thirteenth century and includes many notable works still in good condition today such as the Hagia Sophia mosaic and the Church (Basilica) of San Vitale in Ravenna, Italy.

Byzantine styles also flourished in parts of Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe. Other notable works include the Paris Psalter, Saint Marks Cathedral in Venice and Cathedral of Saint Basil in Moscow. The Paris Psalter is a beautiful Byzantine illuminated religious manuscript containing 449 folios (pages) and 14 full-page color paintings called miniatures.

Byzantine mosaics, paintings, and icons of Christ and Mary decorated the marble panels in churches. Paintings of Christ would show lifelike features such as beard and long hair. The arts were carefully controlled by the church and as times changed, influenced Italian Renaissance art .

Other Ancient Art of Interest

Ancient Art
This is classic famous art from history including Gemini symbol, Greeks, Egyptians, Renaissance, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, Middle ages, Kokopelli paintings.

Renaissance Art
Florence Italy and the Medici family started this art movement and left one of the greatest artistic legacies of any age.

Gothic Art
Started in the Chartres France Cathedral and soon spread through all Europe with architecture, painting, and music.

Greek Art
The subject matter of most Greek art was the myths of Zeus, his family and other gods of great importance.

Ancient Greek Art
The best ancient Greek art examples are the Venus de Milo and Parthenon.

Baroque Art
Designed to appeal to the senses by impressing and inspiring a sense of awe.

Egyptian Art
The Bust of Nefertiti is both beautiful and has a rich history from the tombs and pyramids.

Ancient Egyptian Art
The pyramids are spectacular but the most well known collection of ancient Egyptian art was the treasure from King Tut’s tomb, the boy king.

Gemini Symbol Art
The history behind Gemini symbol art is based on Greek mythology and several sets of twins who were opposites.

Kokopelli Art
Kokopelli Art is based on the fluteplayer from the Native American Hopi kachina god Kookopolo and Maahu.

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