Ancient Greek Art

The best example of ancient Greek art is the statute known as Venus de Milo. The sculpture is likely one of the most famous pieces of ancient art in the world. For example in 1964 over a million and a half people came to see it while on tour in Japan.

Now part of the permanent collection in the Louvre Museum in Paris, it was donated by Louis XVIII. Made of marble, the six and a half foot artwork was discovered in Greece on the Aegean island of Melos in 1820.

Greek mythology is the subject matter of most ancient Greek art and architecture. The Venus de Milo is thought to be Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The Romans called her Venus. The name of the statue, confusingly, comes from the island of its discovery and the ancient Roman goddess.

The statue is straight out of Greek art history and was created around 100 BC. There is some dispute about the artist and exact date but generally thought to be made in the Hellenistic period by the Alexandros of Antioch. The arms are broken off but that has not stopped it from being widely renowned and only adds to its mystery.

Ancient Greek architecture produced the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. The site is on the Acropolis a hill overlooking the city. The columns combine two artistic styles Doric and Ionic and originally had a wooden roof. Built around 440 BC it was a celebration of victory over the Persians. Despite a wartime blast inside around 1458 the temple is considered well preserved for its age.

Heroes from Greek mythology were depicted on the reliefs above the columns. They show mythological battles as metaphors of the war against the Persians.

Other Ancient Art of Interest

Ancient Art
This is classic famous art from history including Gemini symbol, Greeks, Egyptians, Renaissance, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, Middle ages, Kokopelli paintings.

Renaissance Art
Florence Italy and the Medici family started this art movement and left one of the greatest artistic legacies of any age.

Gothic Art
Started in the Chartres France Cathedral and soon spread through all Europe with architecture, painting, and music.

Greek Art
The subject matter of most Greek art was the myths of Zeus, his family and other gods of great importance.

Baroque Art
Designed to appeal to the senses by impressing and inspiring a sense of awe.

Byzantine Art
Includes spectacular mosaics, paintings and churches across Europe

Egyptian Art
The Bust of Nefertiti is both beautiful and has a rich history from the tombs and pyramids.

Ancient Egyptian Art
The pyramids are spectacular but the most well known collection of ancient Egyptian art was the treasure from King Tut’s tomb, the boy king.

Gemini Symbol Art
The history behind Gemini symbol art is based on Greek mythology and several sets of twins who were opposites.

Kokopelli Art
Kokopelli Art is based on the fluteplayer from the Native American Hopi kachina god Kookopolo and Maahu.

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