Ancient Gothic Art of Europe

Gothic Art started in the early 1100s in Chartres, France for its great cathedral and then abbeys but soon spread through Europe and to non religious aspects of life as well. Architecture started this ancient art movement but great change was in the air and it developed much further to sculptures, windows, wall paintings, gold work and books.

The way of life during the Middle Ages centered around the cathedral, usually in towns where people from all walks of life shared the cathedral. The Christian religion of that period embraced every aspect of life and completely determined the acceptable range of thought of the period. For a long time during the Middle Ages the Church clamped down on free and independent thinking because that was an effective way to keep its power over the centuries.

Abbot Suger of Saint Denis is credited for bringing on the Gothic movement with the pointed arch, very high ceilings, rib vaults and other details. The beginning of Gothic was, in effect, the ending of the Middle Ages. These developments may not seem like a big deal today but it took eight hundred years after the collapse of Rome before these major changes in thinking occurred in France. Traditional minds within the church were understandably afraid of the new thinking and new technologies. It is the separation of theology and science that was new and religious types did not like it but such changes are a great breeding ground for new types of art to flourish.

Other Ancient Art of Interest to Gothic Art

Ancient Art
This is classic ancient art from history including the Gemini symbol, Greeks, Egyptians, Renaissance, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque, Middle ages, Kokopelli paintings.

Renaissance Art
Florence Italy and the Medici family started this art movement and left one of the greatest artistic legacies of any age.

Greek Art
The subject matter of most Greek art was the myths of Zeus, his family and other gods of great importance.

Ancient Greek Art
The best ancient Greek art examples are the Venus de Milo and Parthenon.

Baroque Art
Designed to appeal to the senses by impressing and inspiring a sense of awe.

Byzantine Art
Includes spectacular mosaics, paintings and churches across Europe

Egyptian Art
The Bust of Nefertiti is both beautiful and has a rich history from the tombs and pyramids.

Ancient Egyptian Art
The pyramids are spectacular but the most well known collection of ancient Egyptian art was the treasure from King Tut’s tomb, the boy king.

Gemini Symbol Art
The history behind tattoo designs of Gemini symbol art is based on Greek mythology and several sets of twins who were opposites. The Gemini symbol is well known as the horoscope zodiac astrological sign of love.

Kokopelli Art
Kokopelli Art is based on the fluteplayer from the Native American Hopi kachina god Kookopolo and Maahu.

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